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Re: Identical MAC addresses, 2 different systems

> I don't think there are "private" MAC addresses as there are for private
IPs.  But you can certainly try filling the first three pairs "ff:ff:ff:" I
don't think that represents a vendor or not but it gives your MAC addresses
some consistency.
> Diego
You can assign a new mac address, with the following precaution:  bit 46
must be 1 (this means: Locally administered) Burned in addresses come with
bit 46 set to 0.
(bit 46 is the second bit of the OUI section).
I don't know if  your system supports any way to modify mac addresses, but
this subject has been
discussed previously on this list, so a google search should give some
positive results (there is a C
program floating around that is reported to work on many cards).
Rodrigo A. Guzmán
Salta - Argentina