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Re: Another clue why pf didn't meet goal in first test

if it is just a queueing problem, first thing i would
think to do is fix the $ext_if bandwidth setting...

  i don't know VoIP, but perhaps it doesn't need to use
  alot of bandwidth, but wants a low delay.  consider HFSC?

Speaking from my, very short, experience HFSC seems to be the ticket
for VOIP. Some (most? all?) VOIP gear seems to generate an almost
insane amount of packets in relation to to their bandwidth usage.
CBQ apparently has some problems with this and it seems HFSC handles
it much better (knock on wood).
Another interesting aspect of this is that VOIP packets are generally
small, less 90-100 bytes, so you'll waste a LOT of bandwidth unless
you use some kind of countermeasure like header compression.
There are also some properitary solitutions (like as Quintums
"PacketSaver") that tries to utilize bandwidth more effectively by
"multiplexing" multiple VOIP conversations into one package etc.
Google should be able to enlighten on this.

i just posted some links a day or so ago, the second one ( iirc ) was the one which has provided to me the most illumination on HFSC.

i know, some must see that i've turned into an HFSC _whore_ and would likely use it to make nutritous and delicious milkshakes in
the morning if i could.... , but it is enjoyable.

Well, your advice to me have worked so far and for that you have my thanks.

Lars Hansson