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Re: pfctl: Cannot allocate memory

Greg Wooledge wrote:

Cedric Berger ([email protected]) wrote:

Here is the problem I think: 40MB of kernel memory for routing table entries...
It might be PF table stuff..., not sure yet.

Do you reload your "ban" table very often?

Whenever I notice a new IP address that needs my attention. Unfortunately
this can often be several times in an evening.

Ok, I'm 99% convinced this has nothing to do with PF.

At the time I sent my last e-mail, the box had been up approximately
two weeks, so I figured I'd upgrade CVS before rebooting it.  I did
that, and now my 3.5-beta -current box has been up 22 hours.
"netstat -rn | wc" shows 79 lines.  Here's the top section (before the
IPv6 stuff, which I don't use, as far as I know).

Destination Gateway Flags Refs Use Mtu Interface
default UGS 470 4603644 1492 tun0 UGHD 0 4600038 1492 L tun0 UGHD 1 4603283 1492 L tun0 UGHD 0 4602201 1492 L tun0 UGHD 1 4575857 1492 L tun0 UGHD 1 4586241 1492 L tun0 UGHD 1 4595161 1492 L tun0 UGHD 1 4594391 1492 L tun0


If the routing table really does grow every time some spammer or P2P
user connects to me from the Internet, and never gets pruned, then
this resembles a denial of service attack. :-/ But I have a hard time
believing I'd be the only person seeing such a problem.

We're looking at the problem, but there is very likely a bug related to PMTU here.
You can probably workaround the problem by turning PMTU off with sysctl:

  vm34c# grep mtu sysctl.conf
   #net.inet.ip.mtudisc=0          # 0=disable tcp mtu discovery

I don't know if that is possible for you, though.