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Network with PPTP and interfaces statistics ?

1)In my network I want to install VPN server using PPTP . And I want to use
this network scheme:
      subnet-1 --------
                       | PF | --------Firewall------cisco ----- Internet
      subnet-2 --------   |                          |                       VPN-server
Users from subnet-1 and subnet-2 auth in VPN server and only with new IP's
may go to the Internet.
To PC's in the subnet-1 assign's real IP's . To PC's in subnet-2 assign's
IP's which be NAT'ed by cisco. Will this scheme real work?
PF and Firewall - box'es with OpenBSD . Does they need to have PPTP support
to route traffic?
2)I want to accounting traffic which goes via PF network interfaces.Can I
use for this pf options
setloginterface with 2 or 3 arguments ( <if1> <if2> ) ? If I cannot use it,
which tool I need to traffic accounting on all interfaces ?