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Re: HFSC again

> * Alexey E. Suslikov <[email protected]> [2004-02-12 00:35]:
>>   original altq hfsc class' implementation have no "bandwidth"
>>   parameter, but "pshare" ("linkshare" in current implementation)
>>   and "grate" ("realtime").
>>   so, if someone knows, which purpose of the hfsc class' "bandwidth"
>>   parameter in current implementation?
> pfctl_altq.c, in eval_pfqueue_hfsc():
>       /* if link_share is not specified, use bandwidth */
>         if (opts->>lssc_m2 == 0)
>                 opts->>lssc_m2 = pa->bandwidth;
hmmm... if I understood correctly, this queue declaration
#allocate guaranteed 32Kb and do not try to borrow
queue Q1 bandwidth 32Kb hfsc (realtime 32Kb, linkshare 0%)
will not work as expected, as the pfctl_altq.c code shown above
will use 32Kb for linkshare's m2 value (as linkshare == 0 specified)
and WILL BORROW instead??