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Example pf configs?

I'm still trying to configure a working pf configuration, without success.
I'm building a 3.4 OpenBSD machine to replace an old OpenBSD machine that
used ipf, and seperate nat. I have a meium sized home network that connects
via a cablemode. The cablenmode apppears (based upon existin laogfiles) to
be a vary hostilee environment. So I wan "default deny" configuration. I've
been able to build a working config, using "default allow" but I can't even
seem to come close on the "default deny" one.
I want all the internal machiones to have pretty much unrestrcted outbound
access (including ftp), and I wna inbound ssh, http, mail, and sftp
redirected transparently to various amchines on the internal network.
I've treid starting with the default /etc/of.conf, and
/usr/share/pf/faq-example1 without much success. Can anyone point me to
some good examples?
Is htere any way to convert my old ipf.bat rules to the new syntax?
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