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Syntax-Diagrams "rail way" for pf.conf

Graphical syntax diagrams for pf.conf (pdf):
  http://pfsyntax.maik.li/pfsyntax.pdf    (71k)
I have made a smal shell-script that creats a tex file with the syntax
from "man pf.conf".
The tex file produced by pf2syn:
  http://pfsyntax.maik.li/syn.tex         (11k)
The script, a sed commands file and a sample main_pdf.tex file (tgz):
  http://pfsyntax.maik.li/PF2Syn.tgz       (2k)
How to create the pdf file:
  $  pf2syn > syn.tex
  $  pdflatex main_pdf.tex
  $  rail main_pdf
  $  makeindex main_pdf
  $  pdflatex main_pdf.tex
You need the program rail:
  - "-" in  non-terminal, at the moment replaced by "."
  - links non-terminal -> definition
Does someone else know programs to prodcue "rail way diagrams" in LaTeX?
I found "rail" and "syngen", but I only get "rail" to work...