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Re: ack and priq

Well i already did what you suggested but gave it another pass. To
rule out some leftovers in state's or queue's i rebooted and did the
suggested test again. And as i stated earlier it looks like everything
seems ok... again.
loginfo http://members.home.nl/r.winder/out
All outgoing tcp is bound to rule 46 with the queue(q_def, q_pri)
definition and again some packets are dropped. The download isn't
brought to a standstill but is seriously reduced. Is this normal
behaviour ?
graph http://members.home.nl/r.winder/graphnew.gif
Not a steady http download but first part is a download file via
http. Second part is uploading a file via ftp and downloading file via
http concurrently. And the third part is stopping the ftp upload again.
Did this over and over again and finaly disabled queueing and ran the
test again. And interesting enough it gave me the same results. And
this was with a pfctl -Fa before reloading the rules without queueing
of course.
This leads me to the following questions:
* Must the connection be saturated at 100% before priq scheduling can
kick in.
* Is option ALTQ base in kernel enough ( last time i checked and that
was nearly a year ago and additional options where needed to enable PRIQ)
* Is a pass in rule with priq queueing definitions a requirement
* Could it be that NAT or the option random_id in scrub rules
prevents priq sheduling.
Well as you can see i am getting desperate and shooting in the dark
here.  :-) Ignore the last questions if they are bogus.