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Re: ack and priq

Reload the ruleset and make sure it loaded correctly (manually check
pfctl -sr/-sn/-sq output).
Flush all states (pfctl -Fs) and re-establish a single download from
an external server (existing state entries might use no or the wrong
queues, and reloading the ruleset does not automatically flush states).
Run pfctl -vss, you should see your download as a state entry, with the
number of the rule that created the state. Run pfctl -vvsr and verify
that the rule that created the download state actually specifies queue
(q_def, q_pri). The last matching rule (which creates state) must
specify the queues. Just a previously matching rule specifying the
queues is not good enough, the last matching one must specify them, too.
Compare pfctl -vss, pfctl -vvsr and pfctl -vsq counters during that
single connection. Do most (if not all) of your outgoing packets to the
server get assigned to q_hig?
A single HTTP connection fetching a large file from a fast server is
easier to debug this than a complex p2p application, for instance.