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tcpdump and rule -1/0

Hello all,


I am having a problem with filtering on a vlan aware bridge.  I am wondering if anyone has seen a tcpdump that looks like the following and what it means.  Particularly the part about the rule -1/0(match).


Sep 11 17:35:33.988497 rule -1/0(match): pass in on vlan16: > . 63809:64321(512) ack 1 win 4096

Sep 11 17:35:33.988501 rule -1/0(match): pass out on vlan17: > . 63809:64321(512) ack 1 win 4096

Sep 11 17:35:33.989717 rule -1/0(match): pass in on vlan17: > . ack 64321 win 0 (DF)

Sep 11 17:35:33.989720 rule -1/0(match): pass out on vlan16: > . ack 64321 win 0 (DF)


I have spent a lot of time debugging this and the rules are not being parsed right.  I thought I might start here.



Thanks in advance,



Andrew Eaton