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Re: incoming & outgoing queue on single interface/queue

On Wednesday, Jul 23, 2003, at 10:21 US/Pacific, Mark Bojara wrote:

I was wondering if its possible to either set up one queue on a single interface to do both incoming and outgoing traffic?

No, not at present.

Or maybe possibly having it on split interface's but assigned to one queue. eg:

pass out on dc1 from <za> to keep state queue opium_01_l
pass in on fxp0 from <za> to keep state queue opium_01_l

A queue must be tied to an interface; it can't be "floating" for use with any flow. One thing you can do is specify queues with the same name on different interfaces (this ties in with the IN tagging I mentioned in the last thread), but this probably isn't what you're after.