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Re: IEEE 802.1p priority tagging implementation idea

[ I tried to mail you privately, but your mail setup is borken ]
On Fri, Jul 18, 2003 at 10:43:47PM +0300, Alexey E. Suslikov wrote:
> once tracking recent pf changes around tagging capability, i
> am started to think about 802.1p. why not?
> actually, vlan code is (en|de)capsulation engine, priority is
> the altq's land. let's think...
> - add the dot1p scheduler, similar to priq, but with priority
> field reduced to 3 bits and red-only parameter;
> - teach pf 0x8100 ether type;
> - tagging with pf is already in -current;
> - glue the things above.
> so, this is an idea. opinions?
If I don't have to read a boring "802.1p standard" paper... why not, 
if it makes sense. right now I don't know what hides behing .1p. 
perhaps I just forgot it.
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