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Re: Sending broadcast traffic (continued)

On Sat, 2003-07-05 at 16:10, Trevor Talbot wrote:
> On Saturday, Jul 5, 2003, at 06:45 US/Pacific, Jason Dixon wrote:
> > Unfortunately, traffic destined for the broadcast address
> > ( is not being translated on $int_if and passed on.  It
> > simply disappears.  I've dumped the traffic on enc0, $int_if, and the
> > target server on the wired segment to confirm this.  I've tried to NAT
> > and filter on enc0, but I'm not seeing any improvement.  I'm mildly
> The kernel won't forward broadcast packets.  I encountered this a
> few months ago in the "L2 broadcast and NAT state" thread.  In my
> case, ethernet broadcast was the concern, so I modified
> sys/net/if_ethersubr.c ether_input() to drop the broadcast flag
> before passing it up to IP:
> 		m->m_flags &= ~M_BCAST;
> 		schednetisr(NETISR_IP);
> That just takes care of ethernet; what pf translates the dest IP
> to (if anything) will determine if it gets remarked as a broadcast
> at IP level.
Thank you Trevor, that makes sense.  I'd also like to thank Mathieu for
reminding me that I should be using WINS support for Samba, rather than
trying to route broadcast.  His reply, for the archives...
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From: Mathieu Sauve-Frankel
To: Jason Dixon
Subject: Re: Sending broadcast traffic (continued)
Date: 06 Jul 2003 08:06:17 -0400
You cannot route broadcast packets.
You should strongly consider the use of a WINS server for
all NetBIOS setups that involve routed or multi-subnet environments.
Samba also has the functionality to act as WINS server/WINS forwarder.