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What am I doing wrong, queuing

I might just be because it is late, but I have been poking at queuing
tonight to no avail.  A buddy of mine set up openbsd and pf for me a few
weeks ago and left me with a nice example laden shell of pf.conf and I
have been learning it ever since.  I have to say that I don't think I
could be more impressed with pf, it is great.
My situation is this.  I have a T-1 coming to the house.  A few other
geeks live here and I also am starting to run some hosting.  A friend of
mine runs a graphical mudd type game server, but pays me crap for it.
So he is at the bottom of the list.  
Anyway I have not assigned any traffic to these queues yet just trying
to see if the queue rules will parse first.  Running pfctl -f pf.conf
per my buddies instructions spits out this "pfctl: DIOCADDALTQ: Invalid
argument".  I saw some other blips from this list and other places
referencing this but it appears to be an undocumented error basically.
Ideas?  Would be greatly appreciated.
[email protected]
# enable queueing on the external interface to queue packets going out
# to the Internet. use the cbq scheduler so that the bandwidth use of
# each queue can be controlled. the max outgoing bandwidth is 1.5Mbps.
altq on $ext_if cbq bandwidth 1.5Mb queue { tcp_ack_ext, std_ext,
www_web1_ext, game_ext, rich_surf_ext  }
# Define child queues
# tcp_ack_ext           - ACKs described above
# dmz_cust_ext          - queue for people I need to impress
# www_web1_ext          - queue for $dmz_th_host1 aka web1
# rich_surf_ext         - I am a self aggrandizing prick
# std_ext               - default for everything else
# game_ext             - top level queue for imdro
#       game_ext_misc  - sub queue for game traffic
#       game_ext_www   - sub queue for web and ftp traffic to game_boxes
queue tcp_ack_ext priority 7
queue dmz_cust_ext bandwidth 1280Kb priority 6 cbq(ecn borrow)
queue www_web1_ext bandwidth 256Kb priority 5 cbq(ecn borrow)
queue rich_surf_ext bandwidth 128Kb priority 4 cbq(borrow)
queue std_ext bandwidth 128Kb priority 3 cbq(default borrow)
queue game_ext bandwidth 128Kb priority 2 cbq(borrow) { imdro_ext_misc,
imdro_ext_www }
queue game_ext_misc priority 2 cbq(default)
queue game_ext_www bandwidth 64Kb priority 1 cbq(ecn borrow)