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limit of 62 queues? ( hfsc )

  i'm messing with a pf.conf trying hfsc queues; i'm probably
  creating more complexity than i need here -- but just out of
  curiosity, is there meant to be a limit of 62 queues for hfsc 
  type queues, or a limit of 62 in general ?
  in the main, "work-in-progress" pf.conf, i have two altq declarations,
  on on fxp1 and one on fxp0.  the total # of queues total up to 63.
  when i do a 'pfctl -nvf pftestfile', it parses without complaints;
  yet 'pfctl -f pftestfile' errors out with:
pfctl: DIOCADDALTQ: Invalid argument.
  if i remove a queue from either altq tree; regardless of how many
  levels deep - parent/child wise - 'pfctl -f pftestfile' applies the
  rules OK.
  i created a simple pftest2 file, containing simply a single altq
  declaration, with a total of 63 queues.  i get the same error as
  above.  i've also tried this on a seperate machine with a dc0 NIC
  rather than an fxp? family.
  both are i386; the machine with fxp? NICs is -current with
  and /usr/src fetched earlier today and compiled( GENERIC kernel and a
  make build too ) without any 
  custom CFLAGS ( figure i'd mention the CFLAGS bit  due to my other post at 
  [email protected] ).  
  i make a test pf.conf of simply:
i = "fxp1"
queuetype = "hfsc"
altq on $i $queuetype queue { lots of queues }
queue lala  bandwidth 5% $queuetype (default)
queue lala2 bandwidth 5%
queue lala3 bandwidth 5% { lala_d, lala_a }
queue	lala_d bandwidth 50%
queue	lala_a bandwidth 50%
etcetcetc ( the 'pftest2' conf is at http://www.ice-nine.org/jrrs/pftest2  --
	    but it's so bloody ugly i didn't want to put it up here ).
  in the current state, it has 63 queues defined and gives me the error i 
  mentioned.  ( properly ) remove any queue and it parses/loads OK.  it doesn't
  seem to matter for the combination of parent/child queues; only that there
  is a limit of 62.
  change the "queuetype" to be 'cbq' and it will load more than 62 queues without
  flinching.  i know cbq has no limit of 62, as a friend of mine has a pf.conf
  running with several more queues than 62; but hfsc seems to be a different
  i could be very confused about hfsc?