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PF, Queueing, Bridging, and ARP frames

I'm having some problems with queueing using pf on a bridge (3.3 i386
I'm using priority queuing with 10 queues, the default queue being the
lowest priority one.  It appears as though arp request frames going through
the bridge are being put into the default queue, and that it is not possible
to change this behavior.  Often, while arp request frames are being sent,
all available bandwidth is consumed by the higher priority queues, so the
arp frames are queued.  When the bandwidth spike subsides, all of these arp
packets are sent at once, which results in a large batch of arp replies.
For example, a client will send out an arp request frame every second or
two.  After 10-20 seconds or so, it will stop.  A few seconds after that
(sometimes quite a bit longer, depending on traffic), it will get sent 10-20
arp reply frames within a tenth of a second.
I watched tcpdumps of this happening in real time with the following
commands (running on different TTYs on the bridge):
tcpdump -ni rl0 arp #external NIC
tcpdump -ni rl1 arp #internal NIC
tcpdump -ni bridge0 arp
tcpdump -ni pflog0
The arp request frames would show up right away on rl1 and bridge0, but they
wouldn't show up on rl0 or pflog0 (all pf rules are on rl0).  After traffic
subsided, all of the arp request frames would show up on rl0, quickly
followed by a bunch of arp reply frames, which would immediately show up on
rl0, bridge0, and rl1 (in that order). From monitoring pflog0, I can see
that no arp frames are getting blocked. I conclude from this behavior that
pf is queuing the arp request frames outbound (there is no queuing on the
inbound NIC).
Since they are layer 2 frames and not layer 3/4 packets, there doesn't seem
to be anyway to change which in queue they are placed. Is there any way to
assign arp frames to a different queue?