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RE: altq vs pppoe

Well if it was an accident at least I know, lol. I will try it also, as I
want to see if it works with mine, I am using pppoe as well. I won't blame
you if things go haywire, lol.
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On Saturday, Jun 7, 2003, at 14:52 US/Pacific, Amir Seyavash Mesry 
> So, let me ask, is the "if_tun.c" file supplied compat with 3.3 and
> does it
> require the kernel sources only, or the whole source tree?
I think sending the attachment to the list was an accident.  I sent it 
Tobias when he had trouble with the patch at the end of my last email.
Both are for 3.3-stable, kernel sources only.