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Re: Prioritizing empty TCP ACKs

On Thu, Jun 05, 2003 at 05:42:54PM +0159, Henning Brauer wrote:
> that's interesting. I have no tun/pppoe setup to test myself - mind 
> sharing pf.conf/pfctl -gvsq/other relevant setup?
how troublesome. It now seems to work. and I am positive it didn't two
days ago. I can't see any diff between my conf two days ago and today's
one. The only thing I did is to reboot my gateway (been up 52 days) and
to restart pppoe after a phy pb on my ISP net.
I am dreaming... where is my fscking Reality(tm) pill? :)
output of 'pfctl -gvsq':
ttyp0:[email protected] [/etc]
19:08:53 {521}# pfctl -gvsq
queue pri priority 7 
[ pkts:       1063  bytes:      51228  dropped pkts:      0 bytes:
0 ]
[ qlength:   0/ 50 ]
[ qid=8 ifname=tun0 ifbandwidth=100Kb ]
queue def priq( default ) 
[ pkts:       4925  bytes:     547214  dropped pkts:      0 bytes:
0 ]
[ qlength:   0/ 50 ]
[ qid=2 ifname=tun0 ifbandwidth=100Kb ]
loaded pf.conf:
##> Interfaces
altq on $dsl_if priq bandwidth 100Kb queue {pri def}
queue   pri priority 7
queue   def priority 1 priq(default)
#> SSH
pass in log quick on $dsl_if inet proto tcp \
  from $admin_list to $dsl_addr \
  port $sshport flags S/SAFRUP keep state \
  label "[ssh] connections to zoe ($nr)" \
  queue (def, pri)
#> Internet Access
pass out quick on $dsl_if inet proto tcp \
  from any to any \
  modulate state \
  queue (def, pri)
pass out quick on $dsl_if inet proto { udp , icmp } \
  from any to any \
  keep state \
  queue (def, pri)
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