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Re: Bandwidth cap for a bunch of hosts

On Tuesday, Jun 3, 2003, at 01:18 US/Pacific, Kristoffer Björk wrote:

I have a openbsd 3.3 nat router and want to limit bandwith for each host
on the lan (on both incoming and outgoing directions).
The way i understand it i need to create a queue for each host on the lan
(about 200) on the int_if (for incomming traffic)and on the ext_if (for
outgoing traffic).

Do you really need per-host limits for all 200? That sounds like an interesting setup (and possibly a lot of aggregate bandwidth!).

If they all just need to share one total limit, you'd only need one
queue in each direction.  You could use CIDR masks and/or a table for
the filter rules.