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Re: pf/altq on a fast link

	I do cut my grass with a hand mower, and wash my clothes in a
stream..... But I only trust the best for my company and its employees and
have seen what other "bandwidth management" equipment is out there.
Personally if I use those pricey products (such as yours)  and spend
endless amounts of money I can continue to be an uneducated SOB that uses
3rd world technologies and innovations. But I choose to save my money and
purchase hardware that works and install FREE software that allows me to
do the same. The only difference is I know how this stuff works inside and
out and I feel as though I accomplished something. (I like the feeling of
being an educated person that lives in a cave!) Being that I choose to use
free stuff I am saving money. I now can afford to go buy one of those
fancy schmancy gas powered lawn mowers and maybe even a war-sher fer me
clothes... Is it still OK to dry them on the twine I used to tie my
jackass up with?  :-P
Spam Kills, stick to the crack Dennis!
On 1 Jun 2003, Dennis wrote:
> [email protected] (Henning Brauer) wrote in message news:<[email protected]>...
> > On Sun, Jun 01, 2003 at 06:20:23AM -0700, Dennis wrote:
> > > If you get serious about bandwidth management, take a look at
> > > something a bit more advanced at a very affordable price. Our software
> >
> > blah blah blah. what a bullshit. take your commercial advertising crap
> > elsewhere.
> Sorry. I hate to see people struggle to do simple things. Do you still
> use a hand mower to cut your grass too? Wash your clothes in a stream
> behind the house? :-)
> DB