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Re: Firewall stopped working with Comcast :(

> I have been using an OpenBSD Firewall/NAT Router with ATT for almost 3 
> years now and never had a problem. Comcast has just purchased ATT and 
> even though I haven't made the offical switch yet, my (3.2)firewall 
> stops working for several hours every now and then. The current stop has 
> been for about 24 hours.
Comcast is screwy.  Check your /var/db/dhclient.leases.  They used to
set the renew field to a very long time away and just expire the lease
every 12-24 hours.  Last time I fought with it, it felt like their
network setup wouldn't allow any IPs that didn't have a valid dhcp
lease.  That way you can't always be online without having to reboot
every day, or you pay extra for the professional service with a
"persistent IP".
At one point, I had my dhclient renewing every few hours.  Plus a little
script to kill the previous dhclient and spawn a new one every time the
gateway started.  They would also relax the one IP per cablemodem
filtering for a while after a DHCP reply.  I don't think that happens