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Re: simple question: pfctl -vvsq

On Monday, June 2, 2003, at 11:30 PM, Trevor Talbot wrote:

You get to push 1.2Mbit/s outbound?  Nice.  At any rate, this is only
outbound traffic being counted, not inbound.  The only impact downloads
have on this is response traffic.

I realized my error after posting. For some reason I thought all traffic would go through the queue. No, my upload speed is capped at somewhere between 240-340kbps. Not bad for cable.

Which is as it should be. When you start pushing a bunch of traffic out,
the queues should ramp up to whatever max you specified on the interface
(or until the link is saturated, whichever comes first).

Another question: what is the difference between saying flags S/SA and S/SAFR when it comes to queueing? Or just in general?

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