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Re: simple question: pfctl -vvsq

On Monday, Jun 2, 2003, at 18:45 US/Pacific, Dave St.Germain wrote:

Does pfctl -vvsq display bandwidth in bits/second or bytes/second?


Here's a snippit (just basic ACK prioritizing):
queue q_pri priority 7
[ pkts: 1475 bytes: 92446 dropped pkts: 0 bytes: 0 ]
[ qlength: 0/ 50 ]
[ measured: 5.4 packets/s, 2.84Kb/s ]
queue q_def priq( default )
[ pkts: 46376 bytes: 21163651 dropped pkts: 0 bytes: 0 ]
[ qlength: 0/ 50 ]
[ measured: 43.1 packets/s, 110.01Kb/s ]

110 kiloBYTES/second would make more sense considering I'm on a cable modem
that can do about 1.2Mbits/sec on a really good day.

You get to push 1.2Mbit/s outbound? Nice. At any rate, this is only outbound traffic being counted, not inbound. The only impact downloads have on this is response traffic.

I haven't seen that number go higher than about 290Kb/s, even though I know
I'm downloading at about the maximum speed.

Which is as it should be. When you start pushing a bunch of traffic out,
the queues should ramp up to whatever max you specified on the interface
(or until the link is saturated, whichever comes first).

An experiment you could try would be to define a queue on the inside
interface.  Don't specify a bandwidth, and just use one default queue.
The statistics you get from that should reflect your download speeds.