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simple question: pfctl -vvsq

Here's a simple question:
Does pfctl -vvsq display bandwidth in bits/second or bytes/second?
Here's a snippit (just basic ACK prioritizing):
queue q_pri priority 7
[ pkts: 1475 bytes: 92446 dropped pkts: 0 bytes: 0 ]
[ qlength: 0/ 50 ]
[ measured: 5.4 packets/s, 2.84Kb/s ]
queue q_def priq( default )
[ pkts: 46376 bytes: 21163651 dropped pkts: 0 bytes: 0 ]
[ qlength: 0/ 50 ]
[ measured: 43.1 packets/s, 110.01Kb/s ]

110 kiloBYTES/second would make more sense considering I'm on a cable modem that can do about 1.2Mbits/sec on a really good day. I haven't seen that number go higher than about 290Kb/s, even though I know I'm downloading at about the maximum speed.
What I'm getting at is: shouldn't it show a capital B if it's measuring bytes per second (and lowercase b for bits)? Or is my queue messed up?

Sorry for being longwinded. I'm new here!