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pfstat on alpha - floating point exception

  I'm trying to use pfstat for my first time, but it seems every time I
run it to generate images, it core dumps.  It appears to be gathering data
fine (I'm logging stats on my external interface) Now I'm trying to figure
out if I'm just doing something really stupid, or if there's an issue with
running pfstat on Alpha?
  Here's what I'm seeing:
# uname -rp
3.3 COMPAQ AlphaServer DS10 466 MHz
# cat /etc/pfstat.conf
image "/var/www/htdocs/pfstat/one.jpg" {
  from 1 weeks to now
  width 960 height 300
    graph bytes_v4_in     label "incoming" color 0 192 0 filled,
    graph bytes_v4_out    label "outgoing" color 0 0 255
    graph states_searches label "states searches" color 192 192 0
# /usr/bin/pfstat -c /etc/pfstat.conf -d /var/log/pfstat
reading data file /var/log/pfstat
generating image file /var/www/htdocs/pfstat/one.jpg
  m[0] == 4353556.931810
  m[1] == 27621.584121
Floating point exception (core dumped)
  I've tried various configurations for pfstat.conf, but always end up 
with a "Floating point exception".  Any ideas?
  (I'm running OpenBSD 3.3, and installed/compiled pfstat from ports)
 Jeremy Andrews    <mailto:[email protected]>
 PGP Key ID: 8F8B617A  http://www.kerneltrap.org/