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RE: Ruleset Problem

Yea I added some now it works, this got it all working now, attaching 2
pf.conf's and the diagram is below, lemme know If I still got something
amiss, I think I got it all.
|Machine1---Eth1(,||							|Eth2(,			|							|							|							|Eth0(---Internet)					||							|Machine2---Eth1(,||Eth2(,
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Amir Seyavash Mesry wrote:
> OMG TYPO! Packet is going from to to to 
> Maybe this clarifys it now, lol.
I'm sorry, it really doesn't.
> Machine1
> Eth0=
> Eth1= network
> Eth2= network
> Machine2
> Eth0=
> Eth1= network
> Eth2= network
I don't understand how these machines are connected or which machine is 
loaded with the pf.conf you gave. You say above the packets are going 
from to but I don't see how that's possible with a /24 
netmask without some intermediate hop.
Did you test it with the "pass out" rules?

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