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Re: pf/altq on a fast link

On 1 Jun 2003, Dennis wrote:
> If you get serious about bandwidth management, take a look at
> something a bit more advanced at a very affordable price. Our software
grrr. I think you miss the total point - we don't want to regulate p2p
traffic for a sub-AS network we just want to cap their total bandwidth.  
OpenBSD is perfect for me - I don't need some lame web interface, mrtg is
nice for stats --- but web is Not something to configure a firewall/q0s
unit.  I tested some bandwidth management products that ran linux and
would traffic shape because companies would ship them to us - We chose
OpenBSD because I would not shut up about it and I converted a few
employees firewalls over.  I want OpenBSD pf for my network flirting
I would much rather role out OpenBSD than closed source $$$ equipment.  
With OpenBSD, Snort, flowdumper, and nsp-sec I am fine with what I have to
do - Thanks - Take your market trash off this list.