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Re: pf/altq on a fast link

[email protected] (Jason Houx) wrote in message news:<[email protected]>...
> Good Day Anthony and pf list
> As everyone already covered some very good points and some good links.  I
> thought I would pass along something that would get you started.  
> Basically I work for a ISP/LEC and we have started using OpenBSD for
> traffic shaping on customers that we will run some fiber to and put a
> OpenBSD box at one end to regulate the traffic.  IE GigE to a customer but
> we cap their bandwidth as if they where buying T1's, DS3, ext (fiber
> converters are nice!).  This example does do some privatization and
> regulates bandwidth.
If you get serious about bandwidth management, take a look at
something a bit more advanced at a very affordable price. Our software
"sniffs out" p2p traffic no matter what port its running on, can
manage 1000s of policies/hosts individually, automagically shapes TCP
traffic (window reduction to reduce overall queue depth in the
network), allows control of virtual hosts by name, has controlled
burst definitions, bandwidth templates, etc. With a product like ours
you can control the chaos of p2p with 1 rule (port limiting doesnt
work, because the clients can run on any port now, in fact kazaa now
defaults to port 80), and offer tiered services easily, creating new
revenue streams in the process. All with a handy HTML interface and
integrated Traffic Analysis tool. It pays for itself the first month.
Its available as an add-on to Freebsd or as a standalone appliance. We
used to support OpenBSD, but sadly there isnt enough market to justify
the effort.