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Re: altq-(ipv6 tunnel|multiple ifs) questions

On Sat, May 31, 2003 at 12:26:28AM +0200, b bee wrote:
> On Fri, 30 May 2003, j knight wrote:
> >b bee wrote:
> >
> >> the router talks ipv6 to boxen behind three of the interfaces (not
> >> $ext_if). my external ipv6 connectivity is via a tunnel over v4 (via
> >> $ext_if, obviously). it is fairly simple to classify the traffic of
> >> outgoing ipv6 connections (i just make a "pass out on gif0 ... queue
> >> (q_on_ext_if)" rule, and it gets put in the right queue as it goes out on
> >> $ext_if), but can't think of a way to do this for incoming v6 connections
> >> (other than sticking the whole tunnel in the same queue, which would lump
> >> all the v6 traffic together and that is not what i want). any hints?
> >> i don't suppose pf can look "inside" the tunnel as the packets pass in on
> >> $ext_if..
> >
> >Why can't you tag packets "in on gif0" into a queue that's been defined
> >on one of the internal interfaces?
> because the queue that i'd be tagging for lives on the external interface,
> and not the internal ones. i'm trying to partition my external uplink in
> this case, not the downlink. i need to put ipv6 connections to servers in
> the same queue as the ipv4 connections.
> "pass in on gif0 ... queue (q_on_ext_if)" would not work, right? since the
> state it creates lives on gif0 and the queue lives on $ext_if, which is
> "upstream".. i haven't tried this though, i just thought it wouldn't work.
this does work.
you _can_ tag on another interface than you are queueing on.
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