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Re: pflog0 not logging

Thank you for the reply.

On the network I would most want to see tcpdump -nettti pflog0 output, I still get nothing. I have two other network running pf, and they both respond fine with tcpdump -nettti pflog0.

What can I look for next?

On Friday, May 30, 2003, at 09:24 AM, Mike Frantzen wrote:

This morning tcpdumping pflog to my console stop working. What am I
doing wrong, and how can I diagnose problems with it.
This is the command I've been using for monitoring pflog0:
# tcpdump -i pflog0 -e -v

try adding the '-n'. you are doing name resolution on every ip address and your dns server might have changed.

i'd also strongly suggest avoiding the '-v' option. it has a history of
being remotely exploitable.

the usual incantation is:
  # tcpdump -nettti pflog0


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