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I have what is probably a stupid question. I am trying to compile an application that uses the "pfioc_table" structure. In the man page for pf it lists a "pfrio_esize" variable. In the pfctl source this variable is assigned with the size of the "pfr_table" buffer. When I compile my application, or try to recompile pfctl I am getting the following error.
pf_tool.c: In function `pfr_get_tables':
pf_tool.c:67: structure has no member named `pfrio_esize'
Is "pfrio_esize" deprecated? When I comment out this assignment obviously the error disappears but my application is not working correctly so I wonder if it is related to this.
I am running a vanilla 3.3 installation on a Sun Netra X1.
uname -a
OpenBSD loki.brightohio.net 3.3 GENERIC#56 sparc64
Thanks for any help.
James Kinney (Communications Services Programmer)
TSC Communications, www.telserco.com, www.bright.net, www.3wmail.com
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