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Re: really basic pf help needed

On Thursday 29 May 2003 23:11, Chris Low wrote:
> Of course, I'm missing something here...  The Win98
> box can traceroute/ping/etc. to the BSD box just fine.
>  However, the Win98 box can't see beyond the BSD box,
> although it does correctly list the BSD box
> ( as the first hop.
Remember that some things cannot pass through PF until you add rules.
I'm talking about IP options used by "tracert" some times.
Also, check that other boxes know that to talk to win98 box [] they 
have to send packets to rl0 [DHCP, 192.168.0.x]. You have to add a route.
If this was the problem you could consider a full trasparent bridge.
Sometimes I saw LAN where packets for answers were going through internet 
because were using the default gateway...