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New version: pf_freebsd_1.50 - Testers required

after some time I can finally announce the first resync with OpenBSD-current
since version 0.50!
BUT ... syncing involved almost a complete redo of our tree and hence there
might be *many* undiscovered errors with both - new and old -
functionalities, or even complete fail in some cases.
SO ... if you have some time left, please get a copy
(http://pf4freebsd.love2party.net/pf_freebsd_1.50.tar.gz) and report
whatever you find! Note that this version is yet missing tcpdump (will be in
1.51)! Spamd and pftop will go to independend ports (not a high priority to
me - ask if you need them (or send in your version)) Note further, that the
pflog-format changed. As OpenBSD used unofficial DLT number for PFLOG befor
we can not warn of old logs so please make sure that you move away you old
logs before booting up a new version of pflog. Additional information go to
Anyone to rebuild regress? That would be a great help!
I hope you like it and if we can get version 1.5X stable - NetBSD merge is
Thanks for your support