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Re: cisco vpn client behind 3.2-stable pf firewall difficulties

Quoting <jmc <[email protected]>> on <2003-03-15 - 19:08>:
> here's the relevant (i think) parts from my pf.conf:      
[... loooong overdue followup -- sorry, all... see
<http://www.benzedrine.cx/pf/msg01567.html> for my original message ...]
i had to check the box in the connection properties to ``enable transparent
tunneling'' and ``allow ipsec over udp (nat/pat)'' in the cisco client. the
reason this wasn't immediately obvious to me was that the client config was
locked out to prevent users from making any changes. i had to ask for
configs to be loosened up a bit for me to experiment.
thanks to jolan for the tips early on.
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