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Problems with bridging

I'm having a serious performance problem with OpenBSD 3.3's bridge. I'm
currently using a snapshot of OpenBSD 3.3, wich was made about 16'th april.
Here is my setup:
fxp0: Directly connected to my LAN switch, running at 100mbit full-duplex
with an internal private IP (x.x.x.1).
fxp1: Directly connected to ADSL modem, running at 10mbit half-duplex with
an external IP.
fxp2: Directly connected via crossover cable to a computer, running at
100mbit full-duplex (IP-less).
bridge0: fxp0 and fxp2 bridged with regular standard settings.
PF rules:
scrub in all fragment reassemble
nat on fxp1 inet from x.x.x.0/24 to any -> (fxp1)
rdr on fxp0 inet proto tcp from any to ! x.x.x.0/24 port = ftp ->
port 8021
When transferring from one of my computers who are connected to the LAN
switch, with the internal IP x.x.x.10, to the computer connected to the fxp2
interface on the OpenBSD, with an internal IP of x.x.x.100, I get a -very-
poor speed between the two computers (average 35KB/s). I have tried to
change -all- the network interfaces in the OpenBSD, no luck. I have tried to
move the computer whos connected to fxp2 to the switch, and have gotten full
speed. I have changed all the cables, no luck. I have tried to lock all the
interfaces to half-duplex, no luck. Etc etc...
I'm really going nuts here, I have no idea whats going on. Can anyone please
help me with this?