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pfstat dies

I have looked in the archives and did not find any related questions.
I have successfully got pfstat working (nice job on pf and pfstat too) but it 
seems when I modify /etc/pfstat.conf while it is running, it stops updating 
the images. I have tried to get it updating again by reloading the cronjob 
and rebooting the computer completely. The only way I have been able to get 
it to update again is by emptying out /var/log/pfstat completely and then 
rebooting. Is this a bug in pfstat or am I doing something wrong or should I 
not be modifying pfstat.conf while it is running?
If the last one is the case, what is the proper way to "turn off" pfstat to 
modify pfstat.conf? I am tweaking my pfstat.conf and it sucks to have to 
erase my log file and reboot every time.
Also note, I made my cron job update every 1 minute for faster updates during 
my tweaking. It is running i386 3.2-stable, pfstat installed from ports.