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Re: "bad" IP addresses <newbie>

On Tue, Apr 15, 2003 at 04:07:41PM -0700, s c o t t wrote:
> Obviously there are some IP addresses that are not in every pf.conf and I 
> wonder what the significance of these is? Specifically those that are not 
> described in RFC 1918. Are there known exploits that are described 
> somewhere?
> Are these better handled with antispoof for a particular interface? The man 
> page seems to make me believe this but again I am just flying by the seat 
> of my pants...
my favorite page for "bogon" addresses is:
it is kept up-to-date (modifications are reported to  the  BIND  mailing
since my upgrade to 3.3, I now use a table to hold these addresses  like
  table <bogons> const file "/etc/bogons.list"
  ##> Illegitimate Traffic
  # Bogon Networks
  block in log quick on $external_if \
    from <bogons> to any \
    label "illegitimate traffic from bogon addresses ($nr)"
to update the table, one can use a script that will  download  &&  parse
the bogon list for you.
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