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Re: ALTQ / Bandwidth Control Features In OBSD V3.2?

On Sat, 05 Apr 2003 00:49:56 -0500, Tyrcadia Von Nettesheim
<tyrcadia@tamesis.cx> wrote:
>Many thanks in advance for replies.
Thanks to both of you in this thread for responding, and Laurent -
thanks for reading what I was trying to ask even though I didn't
correctly ask it!
One last question on the subject - would either of you (or anyone who
reads this), have a recommendation as to what type of queueing
strategy would be most useful for this situation:
Capping the bandwidth maximum for a user going outbound through my
two-NIC firewall <simple inside/outside configuration> to 128kBps,
also realizing the internal and external interfaces are 10mBps
Ethernet? I'm basically trying to rate-limit / queue someone out @
128kBps outbound to anywhere on the 'Net.
Thanks again for your time!