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Re: ALTQ / Bandwidth Control Features In OBSD V3.2?

Tyrcadia Von Nettesheim <tyrcadia@tamesis.cx> wrote :
> Are the ALTQ / bandwidth control features available in the stock
> flavor of PF distributed with the stock V3.2 release version,
> unpatched from the CD sources / binaries?  
In OpenBSD 3.2 version, ALTQ and PF are distinct features. In the future OpenBSD
3.3 version (or in OpenBSD-current), PF and ALTQ are merged : you can configure
bandwith control in pf.conf file (first definition of QoS queues then attach
them to an pf rule).
> If so, could you point me to a good resource I go educate myself at?
For a good example of ALTQ use with OpenBSD 3.2, see "OpenBSD firewall using pf"
(QoS section) http://www.muine.org/~hoang/openpf.html
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