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Re: pf+altq

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From: "Henning Brauer" <henning@openbsd.org>
To: <pf@benzedrine.cx>
Sent: Friday, April 04, 2003 5:51 PM
Subject: Re: pf+altq
> On Fri, Apr 04, 2003 at 04:51:30PM +0300, Niki Denev wrote:
> > So, if i need to set the root queue to the maximum uplink speed to use
> > effectively the prioritization,
> > then i will have the benefit of ack-pri only for local sites(high
> no. ackpri solved the problem of a saturated link, and your link is 128k.
> the international-less-bandwidth nonsense your ISP is doing is far away
> out of your control.
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Yes, i know that...but unfortunately that's the situation.
And aside from the nonsense that my ISP is doing,
this can be realy useful IMHO in some situations :
There are probably many ISP's that aside from the internet
access, offer access to high speed local servers (for example streaming
game, irc, download....)
And also why even when using 10Mbit/s as the bandwidth of the interface the
two shapers for http traffic local/inet work perfectly and acurate
regardless of the
root queue bandwidth, while the other queues depend so much on it.
( it's clear why it is like this for priq as the queues are flat attached,
but for cbq??? )
Why should the child of a child queue depend on the interface bandwidth,
but not only on the bandwidth of it's parent?