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Re: pf+altq

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From: "Henning Brauer" <henning@openbsd.org>
To: <pf@benzedrine.cx>
Sent: Friday, April 04, 2003 4:21 PM
Subject: Re: pf+altq
> On Fri, Apr 04, 2003 at 03:49:22PM +0300, Nikolay Denev wrote:
> > One or Two more questions? ;-)
> >
> > First is it possible (somewhere in the future) to have support for
> > for "priq" sheduler on a cbq child queue(and it's childs)
> no.
> > And second, i have here the following problem,
> > i want to bandwidth limit some services, and at the same time i want to
> > the ack-pri trick. But there is one complication, my cable provider (as
> > almost all
> > the providers here), provide me with different bandwidth for local sites
> > inernet sites.
> > (By local i mean, sites in the same country).
> first time I hear this...
> > And i came up with the following solution, which work ok for
> > shaping the http access, both international and local, but the ack-pri
> > doesn't work...
> > Most probably i'm doind something very wrong here... so please help :)
> >
> > The provider shapes me at 512/128Kb local and 64/16Kb internetional
> >
> > pf.conf fragment:
> > --------------
> > # this file contains the local networks dumped from BGP
> > table <bgpeer> persist file "/etc/bgpeer.txt"
> >
> > altq on $ext_if cbq bandwidth 10Mb queue { def, http-inet, http-bgpeer,
> > prio-inet, prio-bgpeer }
> you should not specify 10Mb here... you have 512k at best, minus ATM
> overhead, so something around 500Kb should be fine.
> it is quite clear that your bw limits has no effect as altq thinks there
> 10 Mb available.
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My maximum speed on the external interface is 512k but, thats the downlink,
the uplink is 128k,
so i set the root queue on the interface to be 128k and that helped, now the
download speed
that is about 50-56KBytes/sec does not drop below 41-42KBytes, when i'm
doing uploads.
But i tought that when using cbq, and i have specified exact bandwidth
limits to the parent  queues
for local and internetional traffic, the bandwidth of the root queue will
not matter?
So, if i need to set the root queue to the maximum uplink speed to use
effectively the prioritization,
then i will have the benefit of ack-pri only for local sites(high speed),
and if i want to use it for international i must set the
root queue limited to the internetional upstream speed. This way it will
probably work, but the local sites will be also
limited to the internetional speed...... ;-(
Sorry for this, as it might seem to you as a quite an unusual setup,
but it is very very common around here.... ;-(