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Re: pf+altq

On Fri, Apr 04, 2003 at 03:49:22PM +0300, Nikolay Denev wrote:
> One or Two more questions? ;-)
> First is it possible (somewhere in the future) to have support for example
> for "priq" sheduler on a cbq child queue(and it's childs)
> And second, i have here the following problem,
> i want to bandwidth limit some services, and at the same time i want to use
> the ack-pri trick. But there is one complication, my cable provider (as
> almost all
> the providers here), provide me with different bandwidth for local sites and
> inernet sites.
> (By local i mean, sites in the same country).
first time I hear this...
> And i came up with the following solution, which work ok for
> shaping the http access, both international and local, but the ack-pri stuff
> doesn't work...
> Most probably i'm doind something very wrong here... so please help :)
> The provider shapes me at 512/128Kb local and 64/16Kb internetional traffic.
> pf.conf fragment:
> --------------
> # this file contains the local networks dumped from BGP
> table <bgpeer> persist file "/etc/bgpeer.txt"
> altq on $ext_if cbq bandwidth 10Mb queue { def, http-inet, http-bgpeer,
> prio-inet, prio-bgpeer }
you should not specify 10Mb here... you have 512k at best, minus ATM
overhead, so something around 500Kb should be fine.
it is quite clear that your bw limits has no effect as altq thinks there are
10 Mb available.
Henning Brauer, BS Web Services, http://bsws.de
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