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Re: pf and altq priq

On Wed, Apr 02, 2003 at 07:55:07PM +0200, Edwin Mullie wrote:
> I've installed the current branch of openbsd on 2nd of april 2003. I recompiled 
> the kernel to be able to use my adsl. I removed the sl, tun, vlan, gre and ipv6 
> from the kernel.
> Now I'm trying to use the altq with priq as described on 
> http://www.benzedrine.cx/ackpri.html
> my pf.conf is really simple and looks like this:
> ext_if="fxp0"
> altq on $ext_if priq bandwidth 100Kb queue { q_pri, q_def }
> queue q_pri priority 7
> queue q_def priority 1 priq(default)
> pass out on $ext_if proto tcp from $ext_if to any flags S/SA \
>         keep state queue (q_def, q_pri)
> pass in  on $ext_if proto tcp from any to $ext_if flags S/SA \
>         keep state queue (q_def, q_pri)
> when I run pfctl -e I get the following error:
> pfctl: DIOCADDALTQ: Invalid argument
> when I try the altq cbq sample from the pf.conf man it runs without any errors. 
> Am I missing something?
your exact ruleset works fine here, but I don't have any fxp cards to test.
any chance your pfctl binary and the kernel are out of sync? pretty much
smells like that.
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