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pf and altq priq

I've installed the current branch of openbsd on 2nd of april 2003. I recompiled 
the kernel to be able to use my adsl. I removed the sl, tun, vlan, gre and ipv6 
from the kernel.
Now I'm trying to use the altq with priq as described on 
my pf.conf is really simple and looks like this:
altq on $ext_if priq bandwidth 100Kb queue { q_pri, q_def }
queue q_pri priority 7
queue q_def priority 1 priq(default)
pass out on $ext_if proto tcp from $ext_if to any flags S/SA \
        keep state queue (q_def, q_pri)
pass in  on $ext_if proto tcp from any to $ext_if flags S/SA \
        keep state queue (q_def, q_pri)
when I run pfctl -e I get the following error:
pfctl: DIOCADDALTQ: Invalid argument
when I try the altq cbq sample from the pf.conf man it runs without any errors. 
Am I missing something?
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