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Re: queue limit

On Wed, Apr 02, 2003 at 01:38:36AM -0300, Fernando Braga wrote:
> Hello,
> How many queues can be created with pf/altq ?
> As I run a WISP, I'm going to create about 400 queues for bandwidth-limiting them. I believe OpenBSD will handle it without complaining, but how much can I push it ?
> Would 3,000 queues be OK ? And 60,000 ?
assuming you are after CBQ, there is a limit of 256 queues imposed right
now. This is the
#define CBQ_MAX_CLASSES 256
in /usr/src/sys/altq/altq_cbq.h
from a quick glance over it I don't see what's stopping you to increase it,
but I never tried. you have to make sure that 
ROOT_CLASS_HANDLE (value 0xfffffffe)
DEFAULT_CLASS_HANDLE (value 0xfffffffd)
are > CBQ_MAX_CLASSES, but that is already an insanely high limit.
i'd say "try it" ;-)
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