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Re: pf vs ipf

It's there, read the man page for pf.conf
It is block log though, i.e. block in log all
Michael C. Ibarra
Hawk Technologies, Inc
Quoting "Luciano Bello (Lab. de Sistemas)" <lbello@sistemas.frba.utn.edu.ar>:
> Hello boys,
> My name is Luciano Bello, I'm work in a laboratory in Argentine.
> I updated the OpenBSD's boxes.
> What happend with the "log block" option? log block was in ipf. It was
> usefull
>  if the logging system can't log the packet for some reason.Can I do the
> same with pf?
>  Thanks a lot and sorry por my pour english
>  Luciano Bello lbello@sismtemas.frba.utn.edu.ar
> Responsable de Seguridad de Redes y Firewalls
> Laboratorio de Sistemas de Información
> Universidad Tecnológica Nacional
> Buenos Aires, Argentina