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OpenBSD 3.2, NAT & PF - Strange Error.

Title: OpenBSD 3.2, NAT & PF - Strange Error.

Good day to all.

I am getting a strange error message when trying to use ALIASes for my bsd box and am hoping someone (with better eyes or brains) can assist.

Specifically the message is:
        stuff here... then -> "translation adress expands to multiple IPs of this address family (more...)"


1) Running OpenBSD 3.2.

2) /etc/hostname.ne3 file looks like so:

        inet y.y.y.y.250 NONE
        #inet alias z.z.z.251 z.z.z.255
        # six more addresses - I currently have them commented out to eliminate the error message,

3) /etc/nat.conf
        # nat section: packets going out through ne3 with source address "internal network"/24 get
        # translated as coming from x.x.x.x.

         nat on ne3 inet from x.x.x.0/24 to any -> ne3

The bizarre part (at least for me at this point) is that I've done this with 2.7, 2.9 and 3.0 - no harm, no fowl.

If I comment out the ALIASes, all works as expected.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance that I can get.


Richard Gutery