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Re: L2 broadcast and NAT state

On Friday, Mar 28, 2003, at 02:50 US/Pacific, Daniel Hartmeier wrote:

And this is where your packet gets dropped, due to the M_BCAST flag:

Just to make sure: the destination IP address of the ICMP echo reply is not a broadcast address on IP level, right? According to the networks and netmasks, it's a plain unicast address (not any network's broadcast address, the network address with all netmask bits set)?

Correct, it's a regular IP unicast address.

If you accidentally picked a subnet's broadcast address there, the
packet would be correctly dropped instead of getting forwarded. But if
only the ethernet mac address is broadcast, I think it should get

I agree, especially since it works fine on a local interface. Not forwarding it on an IP level is inconsistent.