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Re: L2 broadcast and NAT state

On Friday, Mar 28, 2003, at 00:14 US/Pacific, Daniel Hartmeier wrote:

On Thu, Mar 27, 2003 at 05:17:30PM -0800, Trevor Talbot wrote:

$ext_if: mac broadcast: $remote > $problem_addr: icmp echo reply
 pflog0: pass in on $ext_if: $remote > $problem_addr: icmp echo reply

..and that's the last I see of it.  This is from a -current snapshot,
early March.

Where did my packet go?

Are you running a bridge, or just IP forwarding?

Just IP forwarding.

I'm not sure I understand your setup, the box which sends to the
ethernet broadcast address is connected to $ext_if, right? How is
$problem_addr related to that box, it uses that IP address itself, and
you also assigned it to the OpenBSD box?

The device does IP forwarding as well. It has been configured to forward a set of IPs ($problem_addr among them) to the ethernet link connected to the OpenBSD box's $ext_if. It doesn't make use of any of them itself, though it does own an address on the same subnet.