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Re: pf(4) schemantics

On 20/03/2003, Srebrenko Sehic <[email protected]> wrote To [email protected]:
> Or even better, dis the "keep state on {$ext_if $int_if}"; "keep
> state" should be enough, since pf(4) should take care of that. Now
> this feature would be _very_ nice.
> Any chance this could be implemented, say post 3.3?
Over my dead (and the really slacking) body.
This "auto-generation of states on other interfaces" is BRAINDEAD.
I do not even feel good about the 'on {if_list}', but well.
"tons" of ways to achieve that are 'out there' already, anyway.
It was a great "relief", when I recognized that pf is NOT generating
states for all interfaces, and I am all against that this would change.
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